Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Streams of Consciences

I write in my head all the time, I've kept journals most of my life and for both my daughters since pregnancy, but blogging makes me nervous.  When writing in the journals, be it the girls' or my own, I know who I am writing to and how to direct my thoughts somewhat.  I never actually know 100%  how to direct my thoughts.  Blogging?  It's more like "Hey, how ya doing, here is my latest stream of consciences what do you think?"  Then just letting it go, putting it out there and having no idea exactly where it goes.  It's quite overwhelming when you think about it.
Lately, I find myself parodying John Denver's "Follow Me"... "..follow me where I go, what I do and who I know, read my blog and say you'll follow me...".   The fact that I haven't posted the link to my blog on Facebook or Twitter or sent it in e-mails  may explain my member-less status.  The idea of doing that = terror. I'm not writing to be judged, I'm writing for enjoyment, to get some of these thoughts out of my head, to make some room in there darn it, it's crowded! 

We have a big week coming up! Maggie's turning 7! I have lots of cake pops to bake and decorate and transport to the school - edge of our seats to see how I will do that right?  I mean, who knew I lived in a place where it would take me 1/2 a day and 10 stores to find Brie.  Brie!  So it should be interesting to see what I have to come up with to store these pops after I decorate them and how I'll transport them to her school.  There's her party on Saturday and trying to figure out how to entertain 13 little girls (and possibly some parents) for 3 hours in a small house.  Then there's the making of Christmas house in the mix as well. There's my struggle juggle for this week.  What's yours?
The enjoyment I spoke of, I want to share it, it's  not just for me, it's for you too.  Since this particular blog was super short and I know you now have John Denver's "Follow Me" in your head, I've saved you the time and posted the link here for your listening pleasure.  I've chosen a version where he is in Cork City Ireland - couldn't help myself.  It's Ireland after all.

....won't you read my blog and say you'll follow me? :)