Friday, November 18, 2011

Daylight Savings of what now? (11/2009)

Daylight Savings Time doesn't save me any thing! Where did that hour go? My battle with sleep is exhausting, ongoing and, I'm guessing, destined to be unending. So turning the clocks back one hour - only has my beautiful little girls up an hour earlier. They see that it's light out and assume it's time to get up. They are all excited "Mommy!! Good Morning!! Good Morning Mommy!!! It's time to wake up!!" "No, not really, sweets, even if it was a school day, which it's NOT, you wouldn't have to be up this early - it's only 5:45 a.m." I reply through my pasted on smile. I try to settle them back them and actually, laughably thought I had - but, no, they're up and up for the day.
I know what you're thinking, there's my extra hour, right there, more time with my babies. But no, no. We get up, Daddy too - head down for breakfast. I invent yet another way to get Siobhan, my 2 year old, to eat her eggs. "I called Dunkin Donuts, this is how they make their eggs, I made them just the same way, try them!" She only eats her toast. Funny. Because if they had been Dunkin Donuts eggs off the Croissanwhich, she'd eat them, but not the croissant. I've used food coloring to make eggs, blue, pink, red, green, orange. Made shapes, flowers, butterflies, hearts. Nothing. Nada. No go on the eggs. Can she still have a spider cupcake? Eh, I hate these decisions. Don't eat your breakfast, can't have a cupcake. Now, we're not normally a cupcake household, but it was the day after our little Halloween party and there were leftover cupcakes and they were awfully cute - and I did make them low-fat and healthier, before icing them and adding truffle spiders with M&M eyes and pretzels dipped in chocolate legs of course, because that makes perfect sense.
Bath time! Into the tub they go and me into the shower. Our old house - the one I grew up in incidentally - has a separate bath and shower, so I get to shower while they bathe. Get dressed and wait for Papa - we're headed to the beach to fly our kite. It was at the beach when I realized the poor choice of bath time....
Home for naptime, laundry, pick up Mom to go vote, got to vote, it's our civic duty after all - stand behind the winner, even if it wasn't your choice. Hard sometimes, but it makes for a better country in the long run. I'm no politico, that's my simple statement.
Run some errands, make dinner, sit down for dinner. Clean up after dinner. Take down the Halloween decorations. Get the kids ready for bed - which now involves another bath thanks to some sandy hair.
Get clothes out for school tomorrow and hubby's work clothes. Check that the cat has food. Settle the house for the night and get into bed.
Now, where did I put that extra hour?